Edge Grain Cutting Board with Inlay

Beautiful hand made, hardwood cutting board with Florida state inlay.

Wood Used: Walnut, Hard Maple, Padauk


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Hardwood edge grain cutting board made out of all-natural non-stained walnut, maple, and padauk hardwoods. Glued up with water-resistant and food-safe wood glue. Sanded down for the super smooth finish. Finished with a Walrus Oil cutting board oil and sealed with Walrus Wood Wax to help repel water.

This cutting board also includes a Florida state maple inlay.

** Please make sure to visit my Care Tips page to see how to care for your new wooden cutting board.

Rounded over edges on top and bottom of the board. Large chamfered handle cutouts on each side to give you the ability to pick up the board with no problems. This board also includes 4 non-marring/no-slip rubber feet to keep it in place on your kitchen countertop. Rubber feet are slightly inset to keep the board just above the countertop.

No board will look the same as each piece of wood is different. This is what makes it very unique. These boards are thick and will last forever if maintained properly. Each of our cutting boards is created individually with care. We hope you enjoy your new board for a lifetime.

I include (1) 4 oz. container of Cutting Board Conditioner ($9.99 value) FREE with the purchase of any cutting board.

Weight10.12 lbs
Dimensions20.5 × 13.5 × 1.625 in


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